A little dose of statistics

ColorSharp's NuGet StatisticsSo, there aren’t many interesting news today, but i want to share some bits of information about ColorSharp’s usage 🙂 .

I don’t know who is using it, but I’m sure that I’m not its unique user 😀 . Since the 0.5.2 version there are a lot of downloads that I can’t explain with my own use cases!

I’m happy because this project it’s still in alpha state, but there are people who are using it. The bad point is that nobody have still forked the project, nor starred it or marked it as ‘watching’ in Github. Obviously no one has sent any pull request 😦 .

Another important point is that I’ll have to stabilize soon the ColorSharp’s API to avoid irritating other programmers. The “playing time” is coming to an end.

If you want to contribute, feel free to do it 😉 , and if you have doubts, feel free to ask me too!



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